SEO Help – Tips for Ranking on Google

Google is an integral part of any entrepreneur’s strategy these days – there’s no point in ignoring that fact. This is why if you aspire to be successful as an entrepreneur in this digital world, you need to get your head around search engine optimisation – SEO for short.

These quick tips will help you get a better idea of how it all works. For more in-depth info, check out the leading New Zealand search engine optimisation experts.

For starters, you want to make sure your website has excellent, relevant content.

Be careful with how you use keywords – don’t overdo it!

Most importantly, work hard to get other high quality websites to link to you. The search engines look at links like ‘votes,’ and the more good quality votes you have, the higher you’ll rank and the more traffic and ultimately customers you’ll get.

Focus Groups, 21st Century Style

Focus groups have long been a central part of marketing effectiveness. In order to target a product, you need to understand what the market wants. Surveys can be useful, but they often only give surface answers. Focus groups allow you to dig into more detail and get meaningful metrics that can help you grow your business more effectively.

e-Focus Groups has taken this concept to a new level, running online video focus groups to help entrepreneurs and large companies alike to be more successful. These groups are more cost effective than typical in-person focus groups and allow you to effectively bring together an array of people from diverse areas and social backgrounds.

Digital Entrepreneurship and the SaaS Model


The software as a service business model has become increasingly popular as a way for young entrepreneurs to make their way in the world of digital business. But don’t mistake this model for the holy grail of easy money – there are significant set-up costs involved and the risks can be significant. It often takes a long time for a SaaS to become profitable – if it ever becomes profitable at all. With a SaaS all the costs of acquiring a customer base and building the product are weighted towards the beginning – it’s only after several years in many cases that returns begin to show.

Consider as an example something like the Fast Backup USB backup software. This software fills an important need, allowing users to create backups via USB without the typical long wait times. Your software should be aimed at filling a similar need, and remember that only minor improvements on existing products are required in order to make your offering the best choice on the market.