Don’t Settle For Subpar Employees – Let A Legal Recruiter Help

Have you ever wondered if working with a headhunter is right for your Toronto practice? If so, you’ve probably considered some of the pros and cons of working with an outside recruiter when hiring new employees, but you may not be aware of all of the ways an experienced legal recruiter can help you find the right professionals for your firm. Good legal recruiters provide employers with more than just a pool of candidates from which to choose – they also add trustworthiness, reliability, and simplicity to your hiring process.

You may have some hesitation about working with recruiters because of the annoying cold calls you’ve personally received from headhunters trying to recruit you, and, yes, many legal professionals get annoying cold calls from headhunters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have valuable caches of resources you can use to your advantage. Unfortunately, bad headhunters who make lots of random phone calls and send email blasts in the hopes of finding the right candidates are more visible because they reach more people. These recruiters are not people your firm should work with to find candidates; instead, find a well-respected and experienced legal recruiter in the Toronto community like The Heller Group who are experienced working with, and bettering, organizations like yours.

Experienced legal headhunters provide much more than a list of random candidates they cold called who have little to no interest in the position you want to fill – Instead, they keep their fingers on the pulse of the legal community by talking to legal professionals every day. Choose a legal recruiter with experience, and you’ll open your hiring process up to a large registry of quality candidates with whom that headhunter has dealt with in the past. A headhunter offers you the choice of the best candidates for your firm, because they know which qualified candidates want to work for a firm like yours.

You see, headhunters act as a “middle man” between candidates and firms, allowing both parties to get much more information about one another throughout the selection process than if they had not been working with an outside recruiting service. This may seem hard to believe since so much information is available about professionals online, but headhunters are able to gather information that can’t be captured from a LinkedIn profile or a resume. For instance, recruiters know whether their candidates are seeking a change to a larger or smaller organization or fewer billable hours to improve work-life balance. These are important factors that most firms wouldn’t learn about a candidate until the interviewing process, but a headhunter offers you the choice of only considering candidates whose values and goals align with your firm’s workplace culture.

So the next time your organization is hiring new employees, don’t hesitate to consider contacting a legal recruiter. Instead, consider the knowledge and convenience you’ll gain my having an experienced headhunter finding the very best candidates for you.