Good Product Packaging: Why Creativity and Design are Essential!

Maybe the important thing is inside, but if the outside makes us look the other way, who benefits from that?

In this article, we discuss the importance of creativity and design in packaging and how it can make a product stay in the most valuable place: the memory of the consumer.

We are moved by what makes us fall in love

Admit it, on your bookshelf, there is a book that you have not yet read and, surely, you will never read but it is there and will continue to be, because of its cool cover? What happens to us with the covers of books, happens to us, in general, with all the products of our day to day life. We have many brands to choose from that offer us the same, at similar prices, and identical quality. What can those brands do to get our attention, so that we choose them? One of the answers has to do with their packaging.

According to packaging design experts, packaging is the art of presenting the product we sell to those who want to buy it and doing it without saying anything. At least not directly. When a good idea is accompanied by a very attractive design that is presented to us, the first impact creates the need to have, to acquire the object, that by itself, might never attract our attention.

On another scale, which we could call “master of branding” we find Apple. The packaging is apparently simple, elegant, where everything fits. The masterful use of white contrasts completely with Microsoft’s idea of ​​including all information, leading to overload.

Steve Jobs was to blame for the fact that packaging is more important to Apple than to any other company in the competition. For him, every detail was important, and he sought that consumers “feel a special emotion to open a product.”

Packaging has the ability to produce in us something like a visual crush, the wrapping that protects it or the “suit” that is responsible for dressing it, but it is also a way of complicity between the client and the brand. It is capable of transmitting impressions that, in case of being unpleasant, could negatively influence the perception of the consumer of the brand (distrust, undervaluation and, even, rejection). Yes, a good or bad design of packaging can conquer or end a business relationship. But what happens when the opposite happens?

What makes us fall in love and want to keep it?

Why are there certain packages, bottles, boxes, wrappings … that, once they have fulfilled their main function (acting as mere containers or protectors) are still with us? We have fallen in love with them, and they are useful to us.

The Royal Dansk Danish cookie box survives in many homes converted into a practical sewing box. The glass bottle of Coca-Cola, has had (and will have) multiple decorative uses (it is a work of art of packaging!) and is still an iconic symbol of the brand.

Companies are realising the importance of having attractive packaging and how it affects the increase of knowledge and brand value. And, of course, also sales!

You do not have to have great ideas to create great campaigns. Not always. The secret lies in thinking about the consumer: what they like, what they need, how we can surprise them.

Personalisation, the use of sustainable materials, flexibility and ergonomics and labelling with digital printing are just some of the current packaging trends.

The design has a lot to contribute to this commercial projection of the product: the colour, the form, the material, and the typography become fundamental elements so that one brand can distinguish itself from another.

Do you want your brand to stand out and to become an immortal brand?