Tips For Choosing The Corrugated Boxes As Per Specific Requirements

If you need any corrugated box for your product then you need to make the specification of your corrugated box so that it is compatible with your product. You can discuss with the supplier of such corrugated box supplier or visit the website for necessary guidance so that suitable specification can be drawn for the corrugated box.

You must make your specification in the following format:

  1. Objective

Here you must mention the purpose of having such corrugated boxes. For most of the industries the objective of developing corrugated boxes are meant for developing customized corrugated box to suitably pack and ship the product to their customers.

  1. Details about the product

Here you must give the details about your product that should include the weight, dimension, type of material, orientation during packing, and any other special need for the product e.g. any special storage temperature requirement or any packing requirement or anything special about the product.

It is also necessary to mention how much vibration or shock the product can withstand if the product is a delicate or a sensitive item. Any other precaution needed while transportation or shipping via different modes of delivering the item to its destination.

Based on this input, the supplier or manufacturer of the corrugated box will decide what should be the right specification of the corrugated box to meet the requirement of the customer. Following are few things will be considered by the corrugated box supplier.

  • The corrugated box supplier, first of all decide what type of material will be right for the item. Depending upon the weight of the product item, he will choose the strength of the material and of correct density. More there are walls, strength will be more for the box.
  • Whether to choose single wall or multiple wall will depend upon the delicacy of the product item. If the product is not too delicate then having multiple wall can be waste of money.

  • Next will be the size parameter of the box and the type of box. Size of the box will depend upon the sizes of the product and its accessories (if accessories are also packed with the product). Type of box will depend upon number of factors which will be decided after discussing with the product manufacturer.
  • Finally, the necessary packing material that should be added inside to corrugated box so that the product can rigidly fit within the box and create minimum amount of vibration during transportation.

With the above information in mind the customised corrugated box will be designed.