6 Mistakes to Avoid in an Industrial Laundry Business

6 Mistakes to Avoid in an Industrial Laundry Business

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It can be intimidating to build an industrial laundry business. Often, the operation is at a larger scale compared to a regular laundromat. If you would like to venture in such industry, keep on reading and make sure to not commit the mistakes that we will mention below.

  • Investing in Cheap Equipment

To be able to save money, some business owners will most probably resort to buying cheap laundry equipment. However, this can be a significant drawback in the long run. Since you are an industrial laundry business, your machines will handle heavy loads, and hence, it must be able to keep up with the demands. Quality should be the more important consideration over cost. That said, for high-quality equipment to use in your industrial laundry, Continental Girbau might be able to extend a helping hand.

  • Not Maintaining the Equipment

While industrial and commercial laundry equipment, like those provided by Continental Girbau, can withstand huge demands, they can have problems when not properly taken care of. With this, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the laundry equipment, regular inspection is necessary to spot problems before they become costlier to repair. This is also important to avoid the operations of your business from being paralyzed.

  • Lack of Marketing Efforts

Even if you are targeting industrial customers, marketing is an important component of your business success. You should take advantage of the effective marketing platforms that you can execute even on a budget. From social media to email marketing, among others, there are different strategies that can prove to be effective in getting you closer to your clients.

  • Treating All Customers the Same

It is also important for industrial laundry businesses to treat their customers differently, especially considering the fact that they are from different industries. For instance, if you are washing hospital linens, they should be treated differently from the hotel linens. Consider the needs of each client and make sure that you approach the laundry differently.

  • Not Hiring the Right People

While you will not need professionals to run the industrial laundry, you need to have the right people. You cannot rely on robots to do the job! You need to have actual people to load the linens, prepare them for delivery to clients, and make sure that the laundry facility is running all good, among others. Hire the right workers to help the business to succeed.

  • Using Too Much Detergent

It is wrong to assume that dirt will be easier to remove when you use more detergent. Basically, this is just a waste of money. Plus, take note that laundry detergents negatively impact the environment, so you should use it wisely. It can also easily wear down the fabric. Good thing, most of the advanced laundry equipment have the ability to intelligently measure how much detergent is needed per load.

Whether it is a new or existing industrial laundry business, avoid committing the mistakes listed above. From investing in equipment with inferior quality to using too much detergent, these things can harm the business in more ways than one.

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