Catering Equipment: Getting Your Business Started

Catering Equipment: Getting Your Business Started

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Catering is an excellent job for those who like to work flexible hours and choose their clients. The hardest part about getting started is acquiring everything you need for the business. There is quite a bit of equipment necessary to cater to large events. You must think about food prep, presentation, and serving. An all-inclusive service can be extremely successful. A good caterer takes a lot of stress off of the people who are planning weddings, parties, and funerals. Here’s how to get started.

Make a List

It can get overwhelming when you start shopping. Every piece of equipment you see may seem necessary. It is a good idea to make a list first. This can help you determine what items you can purchase after you make more money. Determine the type of events you would like to start catering for, and think through the items that would be helpful with each one. Categorise your list to keep it organised. You can also list the more necessary items first so you are sure to purchase them before you reach the limit of your budget. Online catering equipment can be a great help. Shopping online often helps you avoid spontaneous purchases.


The best way to find out exactly what you need is to look at an example. If you know someone in the business, tag along to their next event. You can watch the way everything is done. If you don’t have any connections in the business, pay close attention at the next big event you attend. There are also many helpful sites online that can lead you to a good beginner shopping list. While shopping online, most sites refer you to other items related to the ones in your cart as well.


If you think about most restaurants and big events, you may realise that the dishes used for these are very basic. They are like this so that they can fit in at any event, with any theme or décor. You can go along with this tradition or make a unique style choice. If you plan to cater to weddings only, for instance, you may be able to get away with a fancier set of dishes. Be sure to also think about durability ease of cleaning as well.

Catering is a great way to earn money while doing something you really enjoy. It can keep you active, provide ample income, and offers a flexible schedule. Take the time to research the items you need and make a relevant list. Observe others in the profession to get a better idea of the supplies you may need. Finally, if your niche allows, apply some personal style. Your first job is waiting; get the shopping done today.

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