How to reduce the associated risk in trading

How to reduce the associated risk in trading

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We often find that people are very conscious about their risks in Forex. They want to trade for a bigger profit but they do not want to take even the smallest risks. This is really hard that you want to enjoy a meal at a restaurant but you do not want to pay the bill. There is two way to end this dilemma. Either you do not eat the meal at all or you earn a big amount of money every month that will not affect your spending on the dinner. This article will try to tell you if there are any ways that traders can use to trade without risking their investment.  They are trying to find ways to eliminate the risks and this article will give you some knowledge about this idea.

Using low leverage

Trading the market with a high leverage account is very popular in Australia. The new traders always want to have more buying power to trade with a big lot. But they never understand the associated risk involved in high volume trading. Some of the traders often risk more than 5% of their account balance. They are overly confident about their trading system. Things might go in their favor for the first few trades but eventually, they will lose a big sum of money. So how do we prevent such a scenario? The answer lies within yourself. You need to open a low leverage trading account so that you can’t place big trades even though are dying for it.

Daily and weekly time frame

Higher time frame trading is always very profitable. In fact, this reduces the risk to a great extent. CFD trading in Australia is very popular nowadays and if you do some research, you will find many professional Aussie traders offering a course to the new traders. Those who are really good at trading will always offer high time frame trading strategy. The lower time frame will never give you the clear picture of the market trend. Most of the time you will be trading against the market trend which will eventually increase your risk factors.

Risks are glued to trading

The first thing you need to know that risks and reward are two sides of the same coin in Forex. You may have heard many promises but wonderful returns but they all come with the risks of your investment. If you are lucky and you have a good strategy, you can come with the reward. Most traders are not lucky and they also do not work hard. They copy other people idea and their plans but they cannot make money. The trends are always moving and you need to have the updated strategy to make your profit.

Copying other’s plan will only help you to lace the trades but you cannot achieve your goal. There is no way you can eliminate the risks. They are always present and will always be as long as you are trading in a live account. You can only try to minimize the risks but if the volatilities move beyond your expectation, you can still lose your money. The industry is unpredictable and the best way to trade is by taking preparation to manage the risks.

Your risks to reward ratio can help to minimize but not eliminate

The ratio is only helpful for reducing your risks but they will not eliminate it. We are telling you once again that no matter what you do, the risks will not be eliminated. They are a part and parcel of Forex and this is why trading is so interesting. If the risks were not present traders would place trades to make thousands of dollars. It is the possibility of losing the capital that stops them from taking trades that they cannot manage. A properly developed ratio can tell you how you can take risks with a greater profit.

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