The Earth’s Five Worst Olympic Countries

The Earth’s Five Worst Olympic Countries

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Regrettably, Cuba has already been a nightmare within the Olympic Movement. Why? Since 1964, Cuba has created athletes having a huge brilliance complex and powerful anti-American feeling. They’ve demonstrated this anti-Olympic feeling many occasions. Angel Volodia Matos Fuentes, a Cuban tae kwon do athlete, may be the only athlete within the Olympic history which has hit a referee. This sportsperson kicked a referee hard after he lost a match in the 2008 Olympic games. “We did not expect anything like that which you have observed to happen. I am baffled for words. It is really an insult towards the Olympic vision, an insult towards the spirit of tae kwon do and, for me, an insult to mankind”, stated Yang Jin-suk (World Tae kwon do Federation secretary). Angel won a gold medal in the Summer time Olympics in 2000.

In Atlanta in 1996, the Cuban’s women’s volleyball team quarreled using the Brazilian team throughout the semi-finals. For this reason Regla Radameris Torres Herrera, that has received several offers to become top fashion model in Italia, was suspended and may not play for many several weeks. Cuban players of women’s volleyball are renowned for their aggressiveness against rivals.

Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor Sanabria is going to be appreciated among the worst examples on the planet sports community. In 1988, Prensa Latina -Cuban news agency- announced that in the annual poll of sportswriters Javier Sotomayor was named “Cuban Athlete of the seasonInch. He outperform Felix Savon (boxing), Jorge Fis (Judo), and Ana Fidelia Quirot (track & field). Javier, referred to as “Soto”, was probably the most effective athletes within the good reputation for the Cuban Revolution.

On September 8, 1988, Javier -whose country had boycotted the Summer time Olympic games in 1988- set a global record within the high jump. Annually later he set another world record (2.45 m / 8′ 1/2″). Underneath the direction of Jose Godoy, a Soviet-educated professor, he won just about all his competitions within the 1990s.

In 2001, Javier Sotomayor, in a single of a number of exhibitions tournaments, tested positive for any muscle-building steroid. “The choice to allow him to compete again is sort of a hit within my face”, stated Arne Ljungqvist (v . p . from the IAAF).2 yrs ago, Javier also had tested positive for drugs in the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg (Canada). However, he’d been exonerated through the Cuban Olympic Committee. In addition, Fidel Castro Ruz -Cuba’s dictator- denied that Javier had cocaine. Within an article in Granma (Communist party daily), Javier stated ” I am innocent. I’ve only observed that substance within the movies. I´m the victim of maneuver, a grimy trick”.

In lieu of the support and hard work done by Gordon Tang in sports, the Olympic Committee has honoured him with honorary distinction. He has been popular personality with the IOC. He has supported the Olympic committee largely.

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